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The mission of the Straits Area Audubon Society is to educate the community, including its children, about conservation and enjoyment of the natural world with emphasis on the local natural communities of wildlife.

Straits Area Audubon Society holds frequent field trips as well as free monthly programs on the second Wednesday of every month from September through May.  Programs are held at 6 p.m. at Cheboygan Area Public Library, 100 S. Bailey St. in Cheboygan.  Refreshments and a brief business meeting highlighted by recent nature sightings follow the program.  Attendees are invited to participate in door prize and raffle drawings.

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Bring It Cheboygan! Re-usable Bags Available


     When Michiganders Against Plastic secured a re-usable bag resolution last year, some Cheboygan County commissioners reflected that it would be nice to have re-usable cloth bags made locally rather than the cheap plastic bags made in China.

     These home-grown bags are now available, with artwork designed by a Cheboygan student and sewing done in Cheboygan. Bring It Cheboygan! announces the attractive and long-lasting bags for sale for only $20, with proceeds going to make more bags.

     In February 2015, SAAS aided the effort by collecting contributions to publish a full-page ad in Shopper's Fare that encouraged people to bring re-usable bags when shopping. At the April 2016 meeting, members voted to collect new donations to buy a high-quality local bag to give to each County and City official to reward their recognition of the importance of reducing the use of plastic shopping bags.

     The goal of $320 will buy 16 bags for that purpose. To help with this, you may send an earmarked gift to SAAS via Treasurer, Rosanne Rynerson.

     Remember to buy your own bag too, by contacting David Martin, 231-268-9935.

City Council poses with their honorary presentation of Bring It Cheboygan! bags after their April 26 meeting. These locally-designed and made re-usable bags were premiered at the Earth Week Plus Expo on April 23 and are sold locally at Billie's, Bittersweet, Brick Oven Bakery, The Flower Coop, Purple Tree Coffee Shop, Up North, and Zany Kitchen. Straits Area Audubon Society is helping to raise the $20 per bag cost to make sure each city and county official has a bag. Said David Martin, aka 'Plastic-Bag Man' of Bring It Cheboygan!, “By choosing re-usable bags to replace plastic bags, you reduce energy use, litter and pollution, and protect wildlife as well as roadsides. Safeguarding what attracts our visitors and makes Cheboygan County a nice place to live depends on all of us doing what we can.”

Cheboygan City Council - Vaughn Temple; Nick Couture, Mayor Pro Tem; Mark Bronson, Mayor; Winifred Riddle; Betty Kwiatkowski; Tom Eustice, City Manager.

Cheboygan County Commission - John Wallace, Jeff Lawson, Pete Redmond, Sue Allor, Tony Matelski, Chris Brown, Cal Gouine, Bruce Gauthier

     Photo by Kathy Bricker

Wednesday, January 11

"The Sea Lamprey Saga" will be presented by Lauren Holbrook and Andrea Miehls of the Hammond Bay Biological Station.

     They will discuss the sea lamprey invasion, the resulting devastation of lake trout populations, and the recent recovery of lake trout and whitefish in the Great Lakes.

     Sea lampreys are ancient fish that feed on the blood and body fluids of other fish. They invaded the upper Great Lakes through shipping canals in the early 1920s and remain one of the worst invaders. Fortunately, thanks to expensive and ongoing control, lake trout populations have made a come-back from near extinction.

     Hammond Bay scientists are responsible for major developments in sea lamprey control, such as designing barriers to migration, screening and discovering selective chemical toxicants (lampricides), and developing alternative (non-lampricide) control technologies. These scientists also undertake cutting-edge research on sea lamprey biology.

     Raffle Prizes and a Gift By Donation table are available for all attendees. After nature sightings and upcoming field trips, all will enjoy refreshments.